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    Program Objectives:
    • Pest infestation in the food industry can result in prosecution and provides unwelcome publicity which affects sales. The course will provide delegates with an understanding of pests and their control to enable them to set standards and efficiently manage pest control contractors.
    This 3 days training program will cover:
    • Module One: Introduction to IPM
    A. Definition of IPM
    break down term
    define term
    discussion of definition; what IPM is and what it is not
    • Module Two: Benefits of IPM
    A. Economic benefit
    potential for savings on pesticide cost
    potential for higher value and/or increased marketability due to
    labeling as "IPM" or "reduced input"
    B. Environmental benefit
    potential reduced use of pesticides
     full use of environmentally sound control methods
    C. Benefit of increased knowledge of pest management options and
    • Module Three: Principles of IPM: Pest Identification
    A. Importance of Correct Identification of Pests
    B. Importance of Pest Life Cycles
    Discussion of pest life cycles
    a. where and how they spend their life cycles
    Importance of determining where a pest is in it’s life cycle
    a. for timing of treatment activities
    b. for evaluation of damage potential
    C. Importance of Correctly Evaluating the Damage Done by the Pest
    • Module Four: Principles of IPM: Monitoring Methods
    A. Importance of Monitoring
    B. Monitoring Techniques and Procedures
    Monitoring guidelines
    a. what to look for
    b. frequency of monitoring
    c. size of area to monitor
    d. record keeping

    Monitoring methods
    a. types of monitoring methods
    b. monitoring for insect pests
    c. monitoring for diseases
    d. monitoring for weeds
    e. monitoring for others

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