Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Illuminations Training Academy
  • Locations: JLT
  • Duration: 26 Days

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EKAA School of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy – The Only ISO training Institute in the Country


  • EKAA courses are affiliated with the International Medical and Dental Health Association, TASSO UNIVERSITY HOLLAND, and various bodies in the US, UK allowing inpiduals to practice in over 23 countries.
  • The goal is to impart professional quality education to inpiduals who are seeking a fulfilling career and making a positive difference through the powerful approach of hypnotherapy.
  • Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful and probably the safest tool at our disposal to transform our lives. This is a technique, which involves accessing the subconscious mind for the purpose of healing, simply by altering the state of the conscious mind. Through this gentle therapeutic process, any person may be guided into a deep state of relaxation in which psychological and physical changes, beyond normal conscious capability, may be achieved. 
  • Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy is based on the integrated approach by bringing our awareness to how our thoughts influence our reality through the chain linking our Thoughts-Emotions- Energies-Physical Body.


  • Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist

Course Curriculum: Become a Certified Hypnotherapist! 

  • Foundation– Mind Mastery for Self Empowerment & Self Hypnosis
  • Basic Integrated Clinical Hypnosis 
  • Advanced Integrated Modalities for Behavioral Resolution
  • Advanced Integrated Modalities for Health Resolution 
  • Spiritual Hypnosis
  • Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy through Integrated Healing

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About Illuminations Training Academy

Having widely contributed towards self-development initiatives in the U.A.E since 2007, Illuminations is popularly considered to be Dubai’s pioneer holistic healing and theyll-being center.
At Illuminations, they inspire inpiduals from all walks of life to take charge of their life and expand beyond their established boundaries to create their own desired reality.
Ytheir mind, body and energy are intangibly connected and profoundly influence every aspect of ytheir daily life – health, theyalth, relationships and energy connection.
In today’s fast paced society, they get deeply entangled in the trivialities of daily life and often forget to notice the negative patterns they form in order to deal with the ever-increasing stress.
At Illuminations, they help you break away from the self-imposed limitations that are seeded in ytheir inner self due to the challenges and adversities experienced in the past.
Through various self-development and transformative practices based on the holistic approach, their services are designed to maximize one’s inner potential and realize the greatness of who you genuinely are!
they invite you to embark on an illuminating jtheirney of self-discovery to unearth the treasure of everlasting happiness that is present within! 
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