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This course is designed to provide you with the information and skills required to navigate and use the Hardware Management Console to perform operational tasks in an ensemble configuration. It will describe and explain the purpose of the IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager (zManager) to provision virtual resources. The course will discuss all the elements that are used by Unified Resource Manager for creating and managing virtual servers in an ensemble. These include zBX components, terminology, HMC usage to create an ensemble and perform Unified Resource Manager tasks to create and modify virtual servers, virtual server definitions, energy, and network monitoring. The course will use a combination of lecture topics and exercises to describe the zEnterprise System, ensemble configurations, terminology,

and HMC operational usage in an ensemble.


  • Describe the purpose of zEnterprise System:
  • Why it is needed, the value it can provide, and the major components and their purpose
  • Identify the management suites of Unified Resource Manager functionality to manage an ensemble
  • Describe the zBX:
  • The purpose of the zBX
  • Identify server attachments and the zBX machine type
  • Identify hardware components internal to the zBX
  • What components are provided by IBM when ordering a zBX
  • Describe a zEnterprise ensemble:
  • Minimum and maximum configurations
  • Identify the OSA features and CHPID types required of ensemble networking
  • Describe the INMN and IEDN, cabling required, routing and switch connections
  • List networking security characteristics and considerations for thezEnterprise ensemble
  • Identify Hypervisor and virtual server operating systems supported with the Unified Resource Manager
  • Describe basic concepts on how resources are provided to virtual servers 
  • Describe the difference between traditional System z HMC configurations and HMCs used for ensemble management
  • Identify and explain the purpose of the new default HMC IDs available for ensemble configurations
  • Describe tree UI purpose and navigation method
  • Navigate the HMC workplace using various selection techniques with the tree UI
  • Identify HMC tree UI usage for:
  • Object and task selection
  • Column configuration
  • Error and exception reporting
  • Help functions
  • Use the HMC to access ensemble related tasks
  • Describe several navigation techniques and tips to find ensemble related tasks using the tree style UI
  • Describe several navigational techniques and tips to find ensemble related tasks using the classic style UI
  • Identify tasks available to define new ensemble HMC IDs
  • Describe the process to create customized task and resource roles
  • Identify and perform operational tasks that are used for:
  • zEnterprise hardware management
  • Virtual server life cycle management
  • Describe the minimum task and resource roles required to perform hardware and virtual server management tasks
  • Identify and perform energy related and network monitoring tasks available to the zEnterprise System:
  • Tasks to monitor energy use
  • Tasks to save or cap energy usage
  • Task for network monitoring
  • Describe the minimum task and resource roles required to perform energy related and network monitoring tasks
  • Describe and identify initial HMC tasks and boot options available for System p and System x virtual servers

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