RMK - The Experts HACCP Internal Audit Training RMK - The Experts
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This program includes:
  • Introduction to the HACCP System
  • HACCP Principles
  • Introduction to the Audit Concept
  • Types of Audit
  • Responsibility & Authority of a HACCP Audit Team
  • Planning & Conducting a HACCP Audit
  • Verification & Validation of the HACCP Plan
  • Documenting Non-compliances
  • Corrective Actions
  • HACCP Report
  • Summary and Discussion
  • Practical
Course Objectives:
  • Know what is the meaning of Internal Audit,
  • Identify different types of audits,
  • Know how to conduct internal audit,
  • Analyze written procedures in order to perform an internal audit of that procedure,
  • Conduct an internal audit,
  • Correctly complete written audit reports,
  • Understand the need to take corrective actions.

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