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Google AdWords and PPC marketing plays a critical role in thousands of online marketing campaigns. Yet many are run at a loss, with marketers missing out on opportunities to vastly improve their return on investment.

Course Overview

In this workshop, we'll discuss the nuances of how Google AdWords actually works and give you the necessary knowledge to set up, monitor and continuously improve your campaigns. Effective keyword research, copywriting tips, landing page creation, geo-targeting, ad networks, budgeting for paid search, and the basics of bidding and campaign management are all part of the discussion.

Drive targeted traffic to your website through Google using Google AdWords. Advertising in this way can be incredibly targeted and allows you to advertise your product or service right at the point that someone is ready to buy.

Whapt will you learn in Google AdWords Training?

Setting up Google AdWords Campaigns - that avails high ranking at low cost

  • Content Structuring
  • Understanding Quality Score
  • Finding and selecting the right Keywords
  • Campaign Setup procedure
  • Ads and Ad Groups
  • Organizing Ad Groups
  • Creating Effective Ads
  • Optimizing Landing Pages
  • Bid Management 
  • Negative Keywords
  • Analytics - Measure and fine-tune
  • Learn how to obtain free leads from Facebook, grow your Google AdWords campaign results without spending a dollar more.

About SEO International

Why choose SEO International?
SEO International is a  Google Certified Partner firm based in Dubai, offering Online Marketing Consulting and Training in UAE, Middle East,  Pakistan and India since November 1999. We specialize in  Internet Marketing, Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, and Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising.

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