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Digital Marketing is a top priority for every company in the UAE. Trying to get new leads and convert them into customers is a desire for every company. Luckily, digital marketing eases the process through ways like email marketing or search engine optimization. There are currently 15 Digital marketing courses in the UAE from where you can learn and improve your skills. Digital Marketing courses are highly focused in the city of Dubai.

If you already have a certification, please check our Digital Marketing Jobs in the UAE

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I am currently working as a Marketing Executive. I did my MSc in Marketing but took only one course in digital marketing. It was not enough and I lack the knowledge of all social media marketing techniques and strategies,. Therefore, I decided to take courses; however, I am not sure which one is the most suitable. Please do suggest
(Question asked by Yasmeen on April 30, 2018)

Dear Yasmeen,

Digital Transformation course will provide you basic overview on Digital Marketing and Omnichannel. This course will focus on marketing channels and onmichannel concept with case studies. It will cover social media marketing techniques like youtube, pineterest, facebook and so on. Along with this we will cover Agile Program Management, Internet of Things and Blockchain.  Entire course is backed by case studies and impact of digital techologies on the evolution of business.

Regards Team Brain Quest

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