German Language for Beginners Spoton Training Institute
Price: AED 2,600
Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.

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                                   German  for beginners

    Elementry learners of German with an interest in language and ; The course is designed to develop your understanding of spoken German through video portraits of people in the German cities of Hamburg and Passau.

    It introduces you to the naturally spoken language, and gives clear advice on how to use video resources as a useful and enjoyable learning tool. Through completing varied activities you will improve your understanding and active use of the language, and develop the confidence to access further resources and take your German studies to a higher level.


    Lesson 1: Alphabets (A to Z), Numbers (1 to 100),Greetings and Farewell  
    Lesson 2: Simple Introduction
    Lesson 3: Formal and Informal ways of addressing people
    Lesson 4: Questions and answers regarding well-being and personal information (name, place of birth, address, email, place of residence, telephone number, marital status, children etc.)
    Lesson 5: Days of the week / Calendar / Months Name
    Lesson 6: Colors
    Lesson 7: Directions
    Lesson 8: Information about the building
    Lesson 9: House / Room/ Furniture
    Lesson 10: Accessories and first aid kit
    Lesson 11: Kitchen Items
    Lesson 12: Tools and Equipment
    Lesson 13: Dairy products, Vegetables, Meat & poultry
    Lesson 14: Household tasks
    Lesson 15: Holidays
    Lesson 16: Transport & Travel
    Lesson 17: Weather
    Lesson 18: Family & Friends
    Lesson 19: Clothing / Drinks
    Lesson 1: Basic Grammar rules
    Lesson 2: You – formal and informal
    Lesson 4: Personal Pronouns (Nominativ)
    Lesson 5: Basic word order – statements, Questions
    Lesson 6: Singular and Plural
    Lesson 7: Gender: masculine, feminine, Neuter
    Lesson 8: Verbs
    Lesson 9: Verb endings (conjugation) of regular and some irregular verbs in the present tense (vowel change)
    Lesson 10: Basic word order – statements, Questions
    Lesson 11: Definite and indefinite articles / possessive articles
    Lesson 12: Use of Where, When and How
    Lesson 13: Negation Updated on 10 April, 2023

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