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    This program is for adults who need language skills for everyday communication. It starts at the first level for learners who have no previous knowledge of the target language, and leads up to the highest level of proficiency (C2) of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF).

    General English

    The General Purpose Program (GPP) in English is designed to meet a whole range of needs, starting from the absolute beginner to more advanced students. The courses are highly interactive allowing you to practice the structure, vocabulary and expressions necessary for everyday life in any English speaking country. The focus of the lessons is speaking and listening and learners can confidently talk in English right from day one of the program. Realistic classroom practice is provided through a variety of activity-based procedures: role-play, fact-gathering tasks and problem-solving. The students' material includes reading, writing and listening activities that encourage students to review classroom learning.

    Each inlingua level is based on European-wide standard set out by the Common European Framework (CEF) that covers beginners to native speaker levels.

    Level 1

    • Elementary Proficiency - CEF Levels (A1 & A2) 
    • 1A - Able to satisfy minimum courtesy requirements and maintain very simple face-to-face conversations on familiar topics. 
    • 1B - Can initiate and maintain predictable face-to-face conversations and satisfy limited social demands. 

    Level 2

    • Limited Working Proficiency - CEF Levels (B1) 
    • 2A - Able to satisfy routine social demands and limited work requirements. 
    • 2B - Able to satisfy most work requirements with language usage that is often, but not always, acceptable and effective. 

    Level 3

    • General Professional Proficiency-CEF Levels (B2) 
    • 3A - Able to speak the language with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate effectively in most informal conversations on practical, social, and professional topics. 
    • 3B - Is often able to use the language to satisfy professional needs in a wide range of sophisticated and demanding tasks. 

    Level 4

    • Advanced Professional Proficiency Plus- CEF Level (C1) 
    • 4A - Able to use the language fluently and accurately on all levels normally pertinent to professional needs. 
    • 4B - Speaking proficiency is regularly superior in all respects - usually equivalent to that of a well educated, highly articulate native speaker. 

    Level 5

    • Functionally Native Proficiency - CEF Level (C2) 
    • 5A & 5B - Speaking proficiency is functionally equivalent to that of a highly articulate, well-educated native speaker and reflects the cultural standards of the country where the language is natively spoken.

    Updated on 27 November, 2019

    About Inlingua Riyadh

    inlingua Riyadh opened in 2015 in the  center of Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia.

    inlingua Riyadh is committed to provide high quality language training and service.

    Why come to inlingua Riyadh?

    • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
    • Small groups of students.
    • Variety of programs.
    • First class teaching and facilities.
    • Summer programs for kids and adults.
    • Highly qualified native and bilingual teachers.
    • The location is central and accessible.
    • E-learning for General and Business Courses.
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