Fundamentals of Islamic Banking and Finance Advanced Studies & Training Centre
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  • Locations: Deira
  • Duration: 3 Days

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This is a comprehensive programme designed to give delegates an all round understanding of the issues involved in Risk management for Islamic banking.


  • Understand the principles of Islamic finance
  • Understand Islamic banks: why, how and for what?
  • Introduce the Islamic financial products,
  • Discuss and contrast Islamic banking with conventional banking
  • Understand Islamic finance Application with samples of contracts
  • Understand the foundation of Islamic securitization
  • Look into the Islamic investment funds and their potentials

The course specifically targets:

  • Investment Bankers
  • Corporate and Commercial Bankers
  • Corporate Financiers
  • Private Bankers
  • Analysts
  • Asset managers
  • Risk Management Managers
  • Consultants
  • Lawyers
  • Investment Advisors
  • Regulators
  • Auditors and compliance professionals


Day 1

  • Foundations of Islamic finance
    • Islamic Economics
    • Islamic Economic System:
    • Shari’ah and Islamic Finance
      • Objectives of Shari’ah
      • Scope of Shari’ah
  • Banking practices in the history of the Islamic society
  • Development of contemporary Islamic banks
  • Definition and nature of an Islamic bank
  • Salient features of Islamic banks:
    • Commitment to Shari’ah
    • Commitment to Moral standards in financing
    • Developmental by nature
    • Commodity/service-based financing
  • Comparison and contrast with conventional banks
  • Characteristics of Islamic banking:
    • Comprehensive/universal banking
    • Sources of funds: partners
    • Uses of funds: commodity/serve-based financing
    • Requires exception for traditional banking laws
  • Regulation of Islamic banks:
    • Supervisory authority
    • Shari’ah board (regulatory body)
  • Fiscal Policy in Islamic Framework:: Objectives, Tools
  • Monetary Policy in Islamic Framework:: Objectives, Tools.
  • Islamic re-definition of banking services:
    • Opening current accounts
    • Collecting checks and money transfers
    • Collecting notes, bills and other IOUs
    • Buying and selling stocks for customers
    • Currency exchange
    • Issuance of letters of guarantees
    • Issuance of documentary letters of credit
    • Renting deposit boxes
    • Opening investment deposits
    • Financing operations from the pool of investment funds
  • Conventional banking services not permitted in Islamic banks
    • Discounting of bonds, bills of exchange and other IOUs
    • Intermediation in buying and selling bonds
    • All operations in which interest is part

Day 2

  • Finance contracts In Islamic banks
    • For funds mobilization:
      • Musharakah
      • Mudarabah
      • Loan
    • For funds utilization
      • Sale
      • Sharing
      • Leasing
  • Islamic finance contracts
  • Principles of Financial Contracts in Shari’ah
  • Categories of Financial contracts in Shari’ah
  • Currency Transactions and Riba al Fadl
  • Earning Return by ownership, labor and guarantee
  • Islamic Financial intermediation
  • Prohibition of Riba (interest), Gharar, gambling, sale of what you don’t own, etc.
  • Comparison between Islamic financing and interest-based financing
  • Shari’ah-Named Financing Contracts
    • Musharakah:
    • Mudarabah
    • Muzara’ah
    • Deferred-payment sale
    • Salam
    • leasing
  • Characteristics of the Shari’ah-Named Financing
  • Contracts
    • Sharing contracts:
      • Fairness and balance: No Interruption of Sharing
      • Implications of Wakalah
      • Profit per agreement and losses per capital
    • Exchange Financing Contracts
      • Social and contractual justice
      • Moral boundaries
      • Level of Disclosure
    • Lease Contracts
      • Flexibility
      • Amenability to Hybrids
    • One-Side contributory Contracts:
      • Flexibility in Conditions

Day 3

  • New Approaches to Islamic financial engineering
  • New financing contracts for liquidity management
    • Tawarruq
    • Reversed Murabahah
    • International Inventory Financing
  • International reversed Murabahah
    • New financing contracts for corporations
    • Purchase/installment sale
    • BBA (Purchase/lease back)
    • BOT and output/revenue sharing
    • Inventory Murabahah financing
    • Three party Istisna’
  • New financing contracts for government
    • Output sharing and BOT
    • Constructions of Schools
    • Build/lease operations


On completition of the course you will receive a certificate from ASTC Dubai.

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