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This course is designed to prepare healthcare professionals working in the area of infection control to sit for the CBIC certification examination (CIC®). The course will include an overview of core topics covered in the exam including infectious disease processes, surveillance, statistics, outbreak investigation, preventing the transmission of infections, environment of care, employee health, management, communication, education, research, cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and asepsis. Study and exam taking techniques and test question practice will be part of this course. Participants will learn about resources that will help them study for the exam
Course Objectives:
  • Provide an overview of certification exam topics (CBIC) examination
  • Describe resources, tools and techniques to assist participants to successfully study for, and take, the CIC® Exam
  • Provide participants with opportunities to complete practice exam questions
Course Agenda:
Day 1
  • Introduction
  • About  CIC exam
  • Competency review outline
  • Pre -Test Mini Mock Exam 
  • Overview of Infection Prevention Programs
  • Basic Principles of Infection Prevention Practice
Day 2
  • PCI and Accrediting and Regulatory Agencies
  • Identification of infectious disease processes
  • Healthcare - Associated pathogens and diseases
  • Epidemiology, Surveillance, Performance, and Patient Safety measures
  • Prevention measures for Healthcare - Associated Infections
  • Outbreak Investigation
Day 3
  • Infection Prevention for Specialty care population
  • Infection Prevention for support services and the care Environment
  • Waste management and healthcare textiles services
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning
  • Water systems issues and prevention of waterborne Infectious diseases in healthcare facilities
  • Infection prevention during Construction and renovation ICRA
  • Competency review practice
Day 4
  • Employee/Occupational Health
  • Open discussion
  • Competency review  questions
  • Management and Communication
  • Open discussion
  • Education and Research 
  • Review and questions
Day 5
  • Flexible and rigid endoscopes and Infection prevention and control
  • Cleaning, Sterilization, Disinfection, Asepsis
  • open discussion & practice review
  • Mock Exam
Updated on 22 January, 2018

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A new frontier for a world class international healthcare quality professionals who have rich records of outstanding success and who are willing to extend this pattern of success to the region with a focus on providing insights, consultations and guidance to healthcare organizations seeking performance improvement achievement and establishing quality on excellence care systems.

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