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Discover how fiber optic networks are designed, within the context of complete communications systems or construction projects.
. Students will be given an overview of fiber optic installations, learn how to plan a fiber optic network, choose components and carry out a design review. Students will also complete a network case study, completing the design and analysis of a given network. Additional topics include: 
• Testing and documentation 
• Estimating 
• Writing a project specification 
Fiber optic network designers must have an in-depth knowledge of fiber optic components, systems and installation processes, as well as applicable standards, codes and ;
What You'll Learn
  • Components of a fiber network
  • Design premises or OSP data network
  • Requirements and specifications for proper optical performance
  • Cost factors for FTTP, premises, and OSP
  • Develop a full design package
Updated on 05 April, 2018

Eligibility / Requirements

Fiber Optic Training – FOT (Fiber Optic Technician)

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