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    Highly interactive workshop; ideal to apply learning on small to medium size, low complexity projects

    Course Description
    One of the best workshops that SUKAD offers and many clients have chosen this practical program over certification training.
    Project Management has proven its value across every industry and business sector. As a result, the interest in project management around the globe continues to expand rapidly. Some of the growth is directed toward certification although certification is not the best solution. Many practitioners want to learn/apply practical project management without the hassle of certifications that are losing value.
    Based on our vast experience in project management and professional observations of PM practices, we recognize that one source or professional association is not enough to manage projects. Therefore, the Essentials of Project Management is an ideal workshop for those who are anxious and interested in leaving the class knowing how to effectively manage a project from start to end.

    The workshop allows the participants to gain excellent understanding of an outstanding methodological approach utilizing SUKAD project life cycle model; the Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAMMP™), which is aligned with global standards; such as PMI's PMBOK® Guide, ISO 21500, IPMA Competence Baseline, and other ;
    The workshop provides a comprehensive coverage of selected real or realistic projects from idea to closure and the participants will learn and APPLY the methodology and the processes on such projects in class.
    Learning Objectives/Outcomes
    • Learn about project management, organizational project management, and project management maturity
    • Understand the essentials for effectively managing a project
    • Learn a simplified project methodology, including stages and stage gatesLearn how to start the project right and continue on the right path toward achieving project strategic objectives
    • Apply the learning to develop the PM and Project Detailed Plans
    • Understand project implementation, control, handover, and closure 

    Course Outline

    Day 1
    General Modules
    Introduction and overview, value of project management, PM associations
    Project management versus organizational project management

    The SUKAD CAMMP™ Model
    First Dimension: The project life cycle model, overview and across the stages
    Overview and introduction to the second and third dimensions

    Day 2
    Discovery Phase
    Concept stage
    Feasibility stage and project authorization

    Development Phase
    Requirements stage

    Day 3
    Strategy stage and project management plan
    Definition stage
    Scope, Quality, HSE

    Day 4
    Resources, time and cost estimates
    The people aspects
    Risk and procurement management

    Day 5
    Delivery Phase (Overview)
    Implementation stage
    Operational readiness and initial operations stages
    Close stage; lessons learned, project success

    Class projects
    Summary of all exercises & final teams' presentations
    Post class actions' plans and path forward

    Eligibility / Requirements

    None is ; However 3 – 5 years business or Project Management Experience would be ;   Please note the workshop is ideal for groups starting a new project at work where they can bring the project to class to learn and immediately apply the learning on a project that is directly relevant to their work.

    Special Message:
    We offer this course in traditional classroom format (continuous days) or via the applied learning format (intermittent) to allow for applying the concepts at ; For PMPs and those who are familiar with the PMBOK® Guide a 3-day short version of this course is ;  

    About Sukad

    SUKAD was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2004. In 2012, SUKAD opened another office in Lebanon. From these two offices, SUKAD has been providing services across West Asia and Africa. SUKAD is highly recognized as a leader in project management services; with a large percent of revenues acquired through repeat business and referrals from leading organizations.

    SUKAD has an extensive project management research and development program. Under the label and trademark The SUKAD Way™, the R&D effort has led to the development of proprietary products such as The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAM2P™) and The Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity™ (The 7Es™).

    In addition to the PM Methodology and PM Maturity Model, SUKAD has developed numerous advance courses and master certificates in project management. SUKAD is also publishing a series of books, booklets, and sample projects in Arabic and English. Their publications include 'The Inheritance' and the upcoming 'Insan Al-Mujtama' (Arabic), upcoming 'Redefining the Basics of Project Management', Project Management for the Accidental Project Manager, and a 4-part series on The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™.

    SUKAD is a corporate citizen and a business with a heart. Over the years, SUKAD has provided numerous complimentary learning events to thousands of professionals either on our own (under our 2SPI™ program) or through partnerships with various organizations and universities.

    In recognition of their business and community successes, in 2011/2012 SUKAD was recognized and ranked on the Dubai SME 100 ranking and the AllWorld Network Arabia 500 ranking.

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