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A unique workshop to imbibe essential commercial skills.

Awareness of various payment options available and the precise terms to be used in Contracts.

Have you:

  • Had payments delayed due to discrepant documents /unworkable LCs
  • Got short changed due to ambiguities in the Sales Contract
  • Lost money due to inflated Bank Charges

Do you want to

  • Know how to draft a Sales / Purchase Contract to safeguard your interests
  • Ensure secured and timely payments from customers
  • Know of the different payment options, guarantees, LCs available and their pros and cons
  • Learn how to check whether an LC is workable
  • Minimise Bank Charges

This Workshop offers you the solution you need.

This workshop is specifically for all staff who need to acquire commercial skills to be able to conduct secured business deals . It has been structured with a practical orientation towards problems specific to the region.

At the end of the workshop you would find your staff better equipped to deal with day to day commercial dealings.

This highly interactive workshop will be full of practical real life examples.


Modes of Payment

  • Different modes of payments available with an analysis of their respective pros and cons and the costs involved

Letters of Credit

  • Types of Letters of Credit - their pros an cons. Which LC is best suited in each scenario.
  • Confirmed LC’s—what safeguards do they offer, what are the costs involved when
  • should they be used.
  • How to vet an LC to check it is workable
  • Detect fraudulent LC’s and documents
  • Draft the right kind of LC to safeguard the purchases you make.
  • How to spot hidden costs in LC’s.
  • Post UCP 600 scenario

Bank Guarantees

  • Correct use of Bank Guarantees in different situations.
  • Precise wording of Bank Guarantees.

Foreign Banks

  • Points to take care in dealing with Foreign Banks that may not be well reputed.


  • Awareness of the latest Incoterms in use.
  • Understand precise meaning of the terms.
  • Use the right term in the right place.

Draft a foolproof Sales/Purchase contract

Commercial and Transport Documents

  • Types of Shipping Documents
  • Essential ingredients of documents - Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading etc.
  • Legal effect of declarations/undertakings required to be made in Documents


All staff who are involved in Commercial dealings with Customer’s or Supplier’s.

  • Sales Staff
  • Logistics Staff
  • Finance Staff
  • Administration staff involved in drafting commercial documents

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