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The class is aimed at individuals whose first language is not English. The purpose of this course is to introduce key basic conversational English proficiency.  The course is focused on speaking and students will learn a wide vocabulary and be given the opportunity to speak English in pair and group settings. We offer Basic, Intermediate and Advanced class options in a group setting of 3 - 6 learners. Courses are 24 hours for each level. Classes are held at our centre which is situated near the Mall of the Emirates area in Dubai.

Corporate classes can also be arranged and tailored to each individual company's needs. These classes can be at company offices or at the Centre.

Learning and progress is tracked by our well-qualified English teachers to ensure that every student gets the most from their English course.

Our English course develops the following skills that can be selected and customised to the learning needs of each student. All basic modules are for adults and young people. Optional modules are available for adults and young people (pre-University).  


  • Speaking using grammar structures accurately
  • Listening for detail
  • Understanding different reading skills
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Writing and combining sentences

  • English for Conversation
  • English for Business
  • English for Arabic Speakers
  • English for International Study
  • American English
  • British English
  • English for Customer Service
  • Introduction to Creative & Academic Writing
  • Specialised Speaking and Listening
Our English classes are successful and unique because we incorporate:

  • Excellent paper and online resources
  • A professional and warm teaching style
  • The latest teaching and learning strategies
  • Projectors, laptops and interactive presentations
  • Role-plays, activities and memorable tasks
Students will gain confidence, stay motivated to learn and become independent to speak, listen, read and write in English.

Course Benefits

Students will achieve their language learning goals in speaking, listening, reading and writing. By the end of this course you will be able to clearly and confidently communicaate in English with friends, associates, colleagues, customers and your senior team members.

The Learning Tree provides quality learning in a friendly and professional environment. The Learning Tree strives for the students to become lifelong learners, and the institute's personalised system of learning helps it to achieve this. The Learning Tree will always promote and support personal and cultural well-being for the teachers, learners and the wider community. The Learning Tree aims to be pioneers of learning in the field and ensure that the students are equipped with the skills they need to flourish and be successful in their lives.

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