English - Beginner Digital Point Institute
At this level, students will learn the basics of the English language (basic grammar, pronunciation and spelling). In addition, students will become familiar with common English expressions and will be able to conduct conversations of everyday life (introducing yourself, asking for directions, shopping…)

Digital point Institute is an education, training and consultancy firm- located in Dubai, UAE- specializes in providing different types of professional support to organizations and individuals.

We provide professional training and development programs throughout our providers or tailored to the needs of individuals, organizations and companies to cope with the culture of excellence in the region.

Digital Point Institute adopts effective needs study systems and strategies to perform objective needs analysis, in order to provide solutions based on quality training and development sessions.

The composition of the company reflects to the diversity of the disciplines involved on the business and management. The portfolio of expertise includes systems design and development, project management and education, training and development in accordance with our clients’ needs in a consulting, service provider and outsourcing capacity.

Our unique vision, mission and values capture the essence of who we are and how we interact with one another. In brief, they speak of how we market, how we are committed and how we deliver excellence.

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