Power Technical Training Engineering Aspects of Welding Power Technical Training
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Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: Terms and Definitions  Chapter 3: Welding, Brazing and NDT Symbols
Chapter 4: Welding Metallurgy -
Chapter 4a: Practical Welding Problems Dissimilar welds Carbon steel 
Chapter 5: Welding Processes - Part 1
Chapter 5: Welding Processes - Part 2 
Chapter 6: Common Construction Codes - scope and applications - AWS - ASME - API 
Chapter 7: Procedure and Performance Qualification - Welding Procedures Prequalified WPS Standard WPS Qualified by testing Mock-up - Performance qualification Qualified by testing
Chapter 8: Weld Discontinuities and Defects 
Chapter 9: Designing Welds - Complete joint penetration groove welds - Partial joint penetration groove welds - Fillet welds - Fatigue
Chapter 10: Nondestructive Testing - Qualification and certification of NDT personnel - VT - PT - MT - UT - RT 
Chapter 11: Developing a cohesive welding program Updated on 05 April, 2018

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Managers , Engineers , Inspectors

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