Effective People Management "The best way to supervise your staff Egyptian Banking Institute
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  • Duration: 16 Hours

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In this course, participants will learn practical skills and methods that will help improve their effectiveness in communication, working with people, and applying basic management tools.

Course Objectives:

  • List the five most common mistakes during the critical stage of beginning the managerial career
  • Identify the basic principles of supervision
  • Recognize the four dimensions of goal setting
  • Influence staff behavior based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and Hertzberg’s Model
  • Identify how to sustain and improve the performance of team members by coaching
  • Practice the effective way to provide feedback considering the five key rules, avoiding the five mistakes and using the “four-component feedback”
  • Define the three aspects of effective listening avoiding the four “intimidators”
  • List the five benefits of empowering people and the four components of the Skill/Motivation Matrix

Course Outline:

Module 1: Managing the Transition

  • The problems encountered at the beginning of the managerial career
  • The five most common mistakes during the critical stage of beginning the managerial career

Module 2: Principles of Supervision

  • The basic management functions
  • The main challenges supervisors face

Module 3: Visioning

  • The role of vision in leadership
  • The four dimensions of goal setting

Module 4: Motivation

  • How to influence the behavior of others
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and how to implement them in real practical situations
  • The two dimensional factors of Hertzberg’s model of motivation

Module 5: Coaching

  • How to sustain and improve the performance of team members
  • Coaching self-assessment
  • Coaching needs assessment

Module 6: Providing Feedback

  • Building trust and rapport
  • Key considerations in providing feedback
  • Do’s and don’ts in providing feedback
  • The four-component feedback
  • Praising your staff

Module 7: Listening for Understanding

  • The aspects of effective listening
  • Avoiding the four “intimidators”
  • The two components of empathic feedback

Module 8: Empowering

  • How to get work done through others
  • The benefits of empowering people
  • Skill/Motivation Matrix

Assessment Strategy:

Participants will be informally assessed on their interaction during sessions and their participation in exercises and/or role plays.

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