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  • Timings: Part Time, Flexible

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This full Digital Marketing training program covers an overview of Digital Marketing, Social Media strategy & advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube), SEO essentials, Google AdWords, Email Marketing, digital tips & tools, Blogging, and an overview of Inbound Marketing and Google Analytics.

This training program offers a deep understanding of the key elements of building successful Digital Marketing campaigns using the appropriate social media and digital channels, strategies, and tools. The course also highlights different case studies and introduces the core techniques in digital marketing, helping all the participants to apply the best digital practices in their own strategies.

Include the Social channels in the business strategy:
  • Facebook Business Pages | Marketing & Ads | Tips & Tools 
  • LinkedIn Company Pages | Content & Ads Strategy
  • Instagram | Content & Ads Strategy | Tips & Tools  
  • Twitter for Business | Twitter Tools  
  • YouTube for Business 
  • Google+ for Business

Digital Strategy Highlights
  • Social Media Management | Software and Tools 
  • Photo & Video Strategies 
  • Going viral with Social Media 
  • Custom Audiences | Lookalike Audience 
  • Lead Generation Strategies 
  • Choose the right campaign objective 
Blogging Importance 
  • Blogs and Websites
  • Blog Optimization & Impact on the Social channels
  • Blogging with Engaging Content
Email Marketing 
  • Create Newsletter templates using MailChimp
  • Setup & Send a newsletter 
  • Target the database on the social media channels
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Types: Organic, Local and Paid search
  • How Search Engines Work
  • An understanding of Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Algorithms
  • Keyword Research
          - Strategy
          - Tips & Tools 
  • Content Development using the Keyword strategy 
  • How to Make a Google-friendly content
          - Site Structure
          - META Description & META Keywords
          - Headings & Sub-Heading 
          - Domain Name & URL Structure
          - Website Navigation & Internal Links
  • Localized SEO 
  • Inbound Links
          - Strategy & Tips 
          - Local Listings
          - Social Sharing
  • SEO & Blogging 
Google AdWords & Google Analytics
  • Set up a Google AdWords Campaign
  • Content Structuring
  • Understanding Quality Score
  • Ads and Ad Groups
  • Organizing Ad Groups
  • Creating Effective Ads
  • Bid Management
  • Negative Keywords
  • Getting started with Google Analytics 
  • Understanding the Dashboard - Audience | Traffic Source | Customer Behavior | Content | Conversion
  • Integrating Google AdWords campaigns into Google Analytics
Updated on 22 January, 2018

About Intoact

Whether you are a fresh graduate with a thirst to prove yourself or a company manager who aims to elevate the company’s overall performance, our skills & talents are focused on ensuring your excellence.
Intoact utilizes approaches & processes of education, consultation and focused dedication to getting you to outdo your older self. Intoact’s approach revolves around intensive consultation with managers and business teams, focused courses with established outcomes, public training, workshops, refinement of communication & life skills, customizing workloads & information to the client’s particular objectives & character and finally, in maintaining contact after our job is done to revel in your success.
Intoact acts a guide that delivers an accumulation of knowledge, practice, experience and learns confidence with which you can situate yourself in your team, department or office. 
Confront your potential and let your success speak for you.
Intoact is based in Lebanon and chose to be operating locally and in the MENA region.

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