Cybersecurity Boardroom Workshop 2015 Golden Networking
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Course details

Cybersecurity Boardroom Workshop 2015 is specifically designed for board members and senior executives of public and private firms looking for new ways to gain and maintain competitive business advantage. Business executives with responsibility for IT, finance, compliance, risk management and procurement as well as entrepreneurs and innovators are welcome.

What will I learn?

Topics that Cybersecurity Boardroom Workshop 2015 will discuss include:

  • Understanding Cybersecurity
  • Social Engineering: The "Weakest Human Link" in Cybersecurity
  • Understanding the Cybersecurity Testing Method
  • Basics of Security Architecture for Board Members and CXOs
  • Introduction to NIST's Cybersecurity Framework
  • The Five Core Functions of NIST's Cybersecurity Framework
  • Introduction to Intelligence-driven Cyber Network Defenses
  • Establishing or Improving a Cybersecurity Program

Target Audience

Board members and senior managers that need to become more educated about cyber security to be able to ask questions that are strategic yet granular enough to address company-specifics.

How will I benefit from this course

Cybersecurity Boardroom Workshop 2015 is the first seminar targeted at strategic and executive leaders for whom cybersecurity readiness is a relatively new yet critically important area to be intelligently conversant about.

Entry Requirements

Current board member or senior manager of a major public or private corporation

Updated on 20 November, 2016

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