Cyber Resilience Exercise (a simulated scenario) PWC Academy Lebanon
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  • Locations: Lebanon
  • Duration: 1 Day

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For senior decision makers within an organisation to help them understand how to deal with a cyber attack. Participants will role play as decision makers within a fictitious company affected by a large scale cyber‑attack. Participants will be able to:

  • Raise awareness of cyber‑crime at senior management level
  • Raise awareness of the potential business impacts of cyber‑crime outside of technology and IT
  • Practice decision making during a cyber‑crisis scenario
  • Familiarise teams with the types of challenges, roles and responsibilities during a cyber‑crisis incident
  • Learn about the lifecycle of a cyber‑incident and the phases for its managements

This course is delivered as a facilitated and phased exercise. Multi‑media injections are provided for a sense of reality. This exercise has both internal and external pressures, notably from staff, customers and the media.

This course can be tailored for any organisation to test the cyber‑resilience readiness.

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