Customer Service Training for Hospitality Industries Optimizer Middle East
Price: AED 960
AED 1,065
  • Location: Deira - Dubai
  • Duration: 12 Hours

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    Course Overview
    While serving the public can be difficult, doing so within the hospitality industry has its own unique challenges in providing customer service excellence and experience.
    The highly experienced, native-speaking English tutors use a dynamic, interactive and modern approach utilising emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, social media as well as traditional methods; audio-visual aids, games and role plays to introduce how to excel in customer service and deal with the most demanding of customers.
    Our aim is to develop the skills and behaviour of the individual to exceed customers' expectations
    Who is this training for?
    Any business, organisation or individual which has internal or external customers who they deal with face-to-face or over the phone.
    To help businesses and individuals identify and set a customer service standard for their organization and understand what real customer service looks and feels like.
    To deliver great customer service on a daily basis resulting in satisfied customer that return and recommend you to others.
    By the end of your training you, your staff and your business will be able to:
    • Understand what great customer service looks and feels like
    • Deliver a great customer experience every time
    • Know what you want your customers to say about you and what you can do to get them to say it

      Updated on 01 December, 2020

    About Optimizer Middle East


    Optimizer Middle East is a professional organization located in Business village, Deira, Dubai, UAE and active in the MENA countries. The core business of the organization encompass services and consultancies in accounting management systems based on international standards and professional training including technical, management and accounting with the objective of developing personnel skills. 

    We have executed various professional development projects the Gulf region and North Africa till date targeting to be a leader for Training and development in the area.


    We Optimizer Middle East shall become the professional umbrella for all the training and development professionals in MENA regions.


    Develop, organize, sustain through providing professional services, consultancies and training with the objective of disseminating standardized and developed professional practices to individuals and private as well as governmental organizations in MENA region.

    Our Objectives:

    • Provision of knowledge as skills
    • Empowering individuals and organizations in MENA region with the latest professional advanced tools  
    • Introduction of conceptual practices in the organizational activities
    • Qualifying professional experts in the government and private sector
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