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It is well known that happy customers are loyal ones and these loyal customers serve as free marketing for a company. They promote the company's products, spread good word-of-mouth and provide encouraging feedback and recommendations to other customers. Hence, it would seem that customer satisfaction should be placed well above marketing and other branding strategies.

The most significant sector in a company which deals with customers is the front line staff and customer service representatives which are the face and voice of the company. A great customer service means fewer dissatisfied customers, lowers costs and less mistakes. As most businesses and organizations strive to achieve customer satisfaction and customer advocacy, it is essential that staff working in this area is skilled at meeting these objectives.

There are several factors which need to be considered when training for customer service. Effective listening skills, a pleasant personality and demeanor, tone of voice, empathy, and a general ability to connect with customers are some of the many areas which are significant in customer services. Also, many problems can be solved at the first point of contact and therefore it is essential to equip customer service representatives in problem-solving skills and conflict management.

This course will pave the way for inpiduals to become more productive and effective customer service representatives. Training will be provided through the presentation of material and information on slides, videos and discussions. Participants would also be encouraged to do role-play exercises in order to learn from practice through the presentation of various scenarios.


The course aims to achieve the following:

  • Equip participants with the skills necessary to enhance customer service skills
  • Educate participants about the need for effective customer service in a company
  • Familiarize participants about the ways in which to manage conflict and resolve issues
  • Equip participants with the necessary skills to be an effective listener and to show empathy to customers

Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Increase motivation and confidence
  • Improve problem solving skills
  • Incorporate the various skills needed to be an effective customer service representative
  • Deal with conflict appropriately and efficiently
  • Show commitment towards keeping customers satisfied and happy
  • Maintain a positive approach, attitude and appearance
  • Convey messages which are consistent to the company's brand philosophy

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Kawader is a learning and development institute licensed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai (KHDA) that helps people grow in so many ways. It is a place where they combine theoretical information and practical exercises to create memorable and impactful experiences that drive towards learning, behavioral change and business outcomes.

At Kawader, their mission is to prepare people to work in a multicultural environment, face new challenges, critically assess business issues and contribute to a brighter future for their organizations.

their consultants are energetic, experienced and committed leaders in learning. They have worked in a wide range of industries including telecommunications, universities, banking, transportation, governmental agencies, health care, media, and hospitality.

their focus is on using innovative, engaging learning methods to reach favorable outcomes. they work as partners with their clients to develop new insights and building capabilities that make a difference.

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