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The Cupping Therapy Diploma Course begins with an introduction to the subject - explaining what cupping therapy is, exploring the different types of cupping, and zoning in on those that are the most popular. You will consider the benefits of cupping therapy - looking at the general benefits of cupping for health purposes before diving into specific ailments and cosmetic uses for the practice.

To gain a greater understanding of cupping, You will be taken through the history of the two most popular types - TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Hijama - but also the history of cupping in other cultures that are less widely known. You will also look at the recent history of cupping in the West. From here You will explore modern cupping, including its recent rise in popularity, celebrity use and various modern scientific studies on the practice.

The Cupping Therapy Diploma Course takes you through cupping therapy theory, which is based in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). You will explore important TCM concepts such as the Meridian system, Yin and Yang, and the Five Elements before exploring the cupping points and where they are located.

You will learn the practical application of cupping as you are guided through the preparation stage, including the equipment used and contraindications to be aware of, practical instruction for various types of cupping, other types of cupping, and instructions on treating various ailments.

With the theory and practical aspects understood, the Cupping Therapy Diploma Course rounds off by explaining how to run your own cupping business, covering considerations such as professional bodies and marketing.


  • Module 1 - Introduction to Cupping Therapy
  • Module 2 - The Benefits of Cupping Therapy
  • Module 3 - The History of Cupping Therapy
  • Module 4 - Cupping Therapy Today
  • Module 5 - Cupping Therapy Theory and TCM
  • Module 6 - Cupping Points
  • Module 7 - Preparation for Cupping
  • Module 8 - The Practice of Cupping
  • Module 9 - Further Cupping Techniques
  • Module 10 - Set Up Your Own Cupping Business
Updated on 15 May, 2019

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