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Globalization represents a revolutionary integration of capital, technology and information across national bordersin a way that is creating a single global market and, to some degree, a global village. While globalization is of greatest concern to businesses and agencies working transnationally, globalization trends affect all businesses whether or not they are truly global. The International Training certifications are designed for the sophisticated manager who knows from his/her experience that every manager is a trainer and further that training, like most business functions, is global/international in its outlook.


Institute of Professional Managers (IPM - USA) IPM - USA commenced operations in 2003 in San Francisco USA as an Executive Education programs for positions in Middle East and the Far East, Africa. The founders and owners of the business had worked for many years Executive Education and business training in USA, EU, UK, and Middle East and recognize the growing demand for Executive Education speakers around the world.


High Authority Council for Arab Managers (HACAM) HACAM believes that this certificate will be a valuable resource for professionals within the Arab world in order to understand how these and other processes for organizational improvement are interrelated. HACAM provides training program in the Middle East and targets Managers of quality-focused organizations/industries, professionals aiming to increase their effectiveness/ productivity and anyone interested in the field of quality.


  • Conduct organizational training needs analysis
  • Develop a training solution for organizational problems and deficiencies
  • Prepare student learning objectives
  • Design and prepare evaluation instruments to test for completion of learning objectives
  • Design instructional strategies, methods, and modes of instruction for programs of instruction
  • Create an effective and efficient learning environment
  • Demonstrate techniques for getting through the first day of class
  • Explain the purposes and content of a syllabus


You are qualified to take this certification if you have any of the below requirements:

  • Must have at least one year experience in related field
  • Bachelors or Masters Degree


  • Introduction
  • Organizational training needs analysis
  • Training solution for organizational problems and deficiencies
  • Preparing evaluation instruments
  • Design instructional strategies, methods, and modes of instruction for programs of instruction
  • Creating an effective and efficient learning environment
  • Explain the purposes and content of a syllabus
  • Preparing a sample syllabus covering the student’s area of expertise
  • Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the various modes/methods of instruction
  • Compare and contract the different teaching styles and explain which style(s) they feel most comfortable with
  • Explain how to use the various theories of human motivation in order to motivate students to learn
  • Explain how to improve student retention
  • List the personal and professional qualities that make for good teaching
  • Discuss the dangers of stereotyping, ethnocentrism, and other perception problems
  • Demonstrate the effective use of questions in teaching
  • Explain how to deal with problem students and with stress
  • Prepare various forms of student evaluation/assessment instruments, including true and false questions, multiple choice questions, essay questions, case analysis, programmed instruction, and simulations
  • Obtain student and evaluator feedback on quality and effectiveness of educational programs

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About Arab Institute for Accountants & Legal

Located in the heart of Dubai United Arab Emirates, Deira. Arab Institute for Accountants & Legal or more popular with the name "AIAL" is recognized as one of Middle East leading teaching institutions.

AIAL President founded the Institute "to provide a trustworthy professional training."

AIAL had been founded at the hands of its promoter whose experience exceeds three decades 30 years, it remains dedicated to finding solutions to the great challenges of the day and to preparing its participants for a better career in today's world.

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