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We believe that leaders are more “made” than “born.” Current leadership research indicates that there are few genetic characteristics that influence one's ability to become a leader. Our role in the program is not to teach one how to become a leader, but to help one learn how to become a more effective leader. From our perspective, leadership is a life-long journey. This course can help you acquire the knowledge, skills, feedback, and opportunities necessary for personal growth. 

The program focuses on individual development and is based on the belief that individuals can expand their leadership capacities; they can learn, grow, and change. Imagine increasing productivity, reducing waste and improving customer satisfaction by developing a process for effectively solving problems and decision making.

These benefits and many others are the excellent reasons to learn the creative problem solving techniques outlined and build a toolkit for solving problems and decision making that form part of everyday life in today's organization

The format for the program includes discussion, readings, group activities, and pairing with a mentor.


  • Inspire and motivate participants to further develop their leadership skills 
  • Encourage to take the initiative to use their passion to take action 
  • Encourage participants to approach the different styles of leadership with thought and action.
  • Provide participants with technical knowledge and practical training on the methodologies and tools of problem solving and Decision Making.

Who should attend:

  • The course for all leaders, managers and employees who have potentials to get promoted in all careers in both private or governmental organizations, and local or multinational enterprises.

Daily Outlines:

Day #1:

  • Background and leadership theories.
  • Leaders vs. Managers.
  • Leadership styles.
  • Leadership competency model.
  • Exercises.

Day #2:

  • Developing leadership effectiveness.
  • Lesson from leaders.
  • Your Leadership Style & Strengths 
  • Using power and influence to get things done
  • Leadership communication strategies 
  • The decision making model 
  • Generate alternatives 
  • Brainstorming

Day #3 

  • Check board 
  • Adapt or build on the past 
  • Evaluate options 
  • Criteria check board 
  • Evaluate options 
  • Sort by category 
  • Rank order 
  • Advantage /disadvantage 
  • Pro/con 
  • What I like

Day #4 

  • Select the final solution
  • Consensus
  • Straw voting 
  • Multi-voting 
  • Negative voting 
  • Revisiting earlier 
  • Problem-solving outcomes 
  • Other problem solving techniques 
  • Legitimize problems 
  • Best/worst/most probable 
  • Problems as given/ problems as understood 
  • Is/Is not 
  • Diagram/fishbone 
  • Basic questions 
  • Break into components 
  • Force field analysis 
  •  Ask an expert

Day #5 

  • Types of decision 
  • Autocratic 
  • Consultative 
  • Group 
  • The decision making process 
  • Decision making under certainty 
  • Decision making under uncertainty 
  • Information technology and decision making systems 
  • Guidelines for making good decisions 
  • Making bad decisions 
  • Evaluations

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About Projacs

Projacs International is the largest Pan-Arab project management firm boasting 21 offices in 21 major cities in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

Established in 1984, They have over 600 professional staff offering customized services to a variety of clients in the public and private sectors. Projacs helps its clients achieve great visions by successfully delivering hundreds of projects across 24 countries.

Projacs offers specialized services and leadership in a persity of projects from government buildings to utility plants. Other project types include residential and commercial developments, educational facilities, hotels and resorts, sports centers, airports, oil and gas plants, car assembly plants, infrastructure and highways, healthcare facilities, retail developments, and palaces and private homes.

They work directly with owners, developers, hotel operators, tenants, educational institutions, hospital operators, financial institutions, funding organizations, project managers, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders.

Projacs - combining the latest services with a proven track record for success.

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