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CCTV System: 

Introduction and uses. 

  • Elements of basic CCTV system: - Camera, monitor and digital recorder. 
  •  Camera types and uses: Fixed and movable, indoor and outdoor, monochrome and color, day and night. 
  • Camera specifications: Sensitivity, signal to noise ratio and resolution. 
  • Back Focus adjustment. 
  • Lens types: - Fixed and variable focal length, manual and motorized zoom. 
  • Use of lens calculator. 
  • Scene illumination: - Lighting considerations, LED's, infrared lamp maintenance and bulb life.  
  • Switches, Quads, Multiplexers and control systems: - Types and applications.  
  • Monitors and Multiple screen displays. 
  • Recording the footage:  Analogue and Digital video recorders. 
  • Time-lapse recording. Reviewing video footage.
  • Cables and connectors: Types, uses, limitations, preparation and testing. 
  • Introduction to Digital CCTV and IP technology.  
  • Connection to other security systems.  
  • Relevant standards, issues and the "Operational Requirement".  
  • The Analogue or Digital option? 
  • Changing technology and keeping updated. 
  • Compression Technologies: New Developments 
  • IP Network Technologies.  
  • Digital Video Recorders Application and Use  
  • Embedded Digital Video Recorders and Installation of Hard Disk, etc.  
  • Embedded System setup.  
  • Product knowledge test  
  • High-speed dome setup and connection to embedded systems.  
  • Bitron Digital Recorder (BDR) The PC based DVR Advantage 
  • Mobile DVR 
  • Accessories: Function & Purpose  
  • Bitron Digital Recorder  
  • Software Installation & Camera Connections  
  • Set-up, Playback and Recording & Remote Connections  
  • Multiple-user Set-up  
  • High-Speed Dome connection to PC-based DVR and operation. 
  • Video motion detection and analytic       


  • Security Technician
  • Security Supervisor
  • Network technician
  • IT Technician
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