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    The Cabin Crew Diploma course is a course that aims to introduce you to the fundamental concepts and principles of working as CabinCrew and the recruitment process. The course is open to persons from all backgrounds looking to become Cabin Crew.  It will enable you to develop the necessary skills to be successful at the recruitment process as well as fully prepare you for when you are accepted by an airline and start your new Cabin Crew career.


    Your 24 Study Modules are:


    Module 1 - The history of the Cabin Crew position

    Module 2 - Criteria to become Cabin Crew and why they are required

    Module 3 - Terminology and Definitions

    Module 4 - Using the 24 hour clock and the Phonetic Alphabet

    Module 5 - Weather conditions that affect flying

    Module 6 - Currency Conversion when working as Cabin Crew

    Module 7 - Importance of teamwork and communication among Cabin Crew

    Module 8 - Personal Presentation of Cabin Crew

    Module 9 - Airlines New Entrant Course

    Module 10 - An Overview of Normal Cabin Crew Duties

    Module 11 - Pre-flight safety briefing of Cabin Crew

    Module 12 - The layout of a commercial aircraft

    Module 13 - Aircraft communication systems & Passenger Announcements

    Module 14 - The Galley and equipment used

    Module 15 - Doors and emergency exits

    Module 16 - Types of passengers

    Module 17 - Cargo carried within the cabin area

    Module 18 - Safety and emergency equipment carried on board

    Module 19 - Emergency procedures whilst working as Cabin Crew

    Module 20 - Evacuation procedures

    Module 21 - Ditching - Emergency landing on water

    Module 22 - Aviation First Aid

    Module 23 - Physiology of flight

    Module 24 - Going the extra mile and top tips when working as Cabin Crew

    Updated on 20 September, 2018

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    We constantly assist our students by organizing free seminars on different topics to groom their overall personalities.

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