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Price: AED 2,250
Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.

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People from India have been shifting their livelihood from India to UAE. If you are interested in learning Hindi and everything related to it, then apply today at Hindi tuition in Dubai. Hindi is considered to be the language of wisdom and old civilization. You will be shocked to know that a huge number of people that work in UAE speak Hindi. If you want to work and converse with them, then this is the right course for you at Hindi learning institute in Dubai.

India is moving forward to becoming a huge economy. To reap the fruits of this blossoming tree, you should be able to connect with them easily. You can do so by learning how to speak Hindi which would create trust among the people of India.

Hindi Group Training

  • - Min 6-8 Students
  • - Twice a week
  • - Timing and days (To be decided on the student intake)
  • - Access to online virtual students
  • - More entertaining & dynamic course
  • - Better Commitment & Motivation 
  • - learn from classmates
  • - More Conversational practice of Hindi 

Hindi Individual one to one training 

  • - Twice a week 
  • - Timing and days (To be decided on the student intake)
  • - Access to online virtual students
  • - Adjusted to specific learning goals and needs
  • - Flexible schedule
  • - Ideal for people who travel frequently 
  • - Learn and practice Hindi with friends, Family or colleague 
  • - More conversational practice of Hindi 

Updated on 12 September, 2021

About Knowledge Point Institute

About Knowledge Point – Best Training Institute in Dubai

Knowledge Point is the one the best Training Institute in Dubai, UAE. We empower students by providing them with outstanding training and exposure to make them industry ready.

We are recognized for our qualified staff, best-in-class amenities as well as the willingness to help students progress. This has helped us earn to the label of best Training Institute in Dubai. We regularly incorporate feedback from our students into each session so we can connect better with them. It’s only with the revolutionary ideas and courses we offer today, we soon became recognized as one of the finest training institutes in Dubai.

Experience Life at Knowledge Point

Today’s world requires practical thinkers and not just bookworms. The world has progressed and we need people who can break the chains of traditional stereotype. This can only be done by adopting innovative methods of learning.

Knowledge Point, a reputed Training Institute in Dubai, promotes the same. We aspire to make our students think creatively, innovatively, and independently. So, that when they step out in the world, they walk step-in-step with it.

We believe in proactive education by facilitating interaction between the experienced staff and the students.
In the era of customization, why leave education behind? We offer personalized training courses for 11 different fields.
These are best short courses available in one of the most premium training institute in Dubai.

We ensure our training courses help every student shine academically as well as train them to be industry ready.


Knowledge Point aims to become a leading training institute in Dubai which facilitates advanced infrastructure and allows creativity to flow. We allow students to explore and learn from their mistakes. We believe that students are our true future. At Knowledge Point, we do not differentiate between students. In fact, we cherish every gift and talent that the students possess.

Courses We Offer

We offer various courses, choose the best suitable to your need and approach in our training institute in dubai. We have scope for everyone, irrespective of the career and educational level. Development is infinite, so let’s get started.

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