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This course is designed to provide Banking and Finance training for inpiduals who are interested in working or are currently employed in the Financial Services Industry. The course will teach participants principles of financial accounting and mathematics, the core financial products and services and details of the regulatory environment. Students will also study important soft skills relevant to the financial service industry such as effective communication, selling and customer service. Participants will learn about computer software and applications that are widely used in this industry along with the major global and local players. Case studies and activities supplement the theoretical material to provide students with practical experience.

Course Introduction

  • The course will begin with participant introductions and a discussion of the topics that will be covered in this course. Students will receive an outline of the course and will have an opportunity to ask questions regarding the content. In addition, students will be asked to analyze their learning objectives from this course.

What is Banking and Finance?

  • Participants will be introduced to what the terms banking and finance mean in the modern day environment. Students will become familiar with the banking, financial services and insurance industries. They will understand the roles and functions of each and will learn a

Accounting and Statistics

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  • Banking and Finance
  • This section of the course introduces participants to a variety of financial and mathematical concepts and skills that banking professionals need. Participants will learn to calculate basic statistical functions such as simple and compound interest. They will also learn accounting principles such as balance sheets, profit and loss and bookkeeping.

Maintaining Professionalism

  • This session covers professional and behavioral skills that are important for the corporate world. Topics covered include professional etiquette, customer service and business and workplace ethics. Participants will conduct self-assessment exercises to understand areas of improvement that are necessary regarding confidence, attitude and various other factors.

Financial Products and Services

  • One of the key components of this course is training on the products offered by banks, mutual funds and insurance companies. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge on topics such as derivatives, capital markets and commodity markets.

The Regulatory Environment

  • Understanding the need and function of a regulatory environment for the financial industry is a key component of this training. Participants will study some important rules and the functions of various regulators both locally and internationally.

Communicating in the Banking Industry

  • A key ingredient for success within the professional realm is effective communication. This session will introduce students to business writing and conversational skills. Students will learn to communicate in an assertive and effective manner. This section is supplemented by a number of interactive exercises that gives participants an opportunity to apply the lessons learned.
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  • Banking and Finance

Servicing the Customer

  • Customer service and orientation is a key differentiator in the Financial Services Industry. This session teaches participants how to have a customer driven mindset and subtle nuances such"no" tactfully. The core component of this session is teaching participants how to interact with customers to successfully acquire and retain them.

Retail Banking

  • This session will walk participants through the day-to-day activities involved in the retail banking market place. Participants will learn about deposits, payments, remittances, cash management services and other core components involved in retail banking. Participants will also learn about mutual funds offered through the retail banking industry.

Sell, Sell, Sell!

  • Selling is an important skill for any industry and it has particular relevance to the Financial Services Industry. Participants will learn the skills needed to acquire customers and build and nurture these relationships. They will also learn critical selling skills like listening, presenting,
  • probing, influencing and closing.

Insurance Companies

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  • Banking and Finance
  • This session will concentrate on providing participants a background and in-depth training on the insurance industry, both locally and internationally. Participants will learn the functions of insurance companies, their services and product offerings and their contribution to the Financial Services Industry.

Computers and the Banking Industry

  • An understanding of the various computer software and applications that are available and widely used within the Financial Services Industry is vital to any banking professional. This session will discuss the major software and applications that are used, providing their core functions and advantages.

Islamic Banking

  • This session covers important elements involved in Islamic banking and its principles.
  • Participants will learn the benefits of Islamic banking and how it is involved in their daily job functions within the Financial Services Industry.

The Key Players

  • Participants will study the most prominent financial institutions globally and locally. They will obtain some historical information regarding these institutions and their modern day prevalence and offerings. The strengths and weaknesses of these institutions will also be discussed.

Any Questions?

  • The course will end with a review of the concepts learned and a question and answer session.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to create an action plan based on what they have learned and they will fill out a feedback survey about the course.
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  • Banking and Finance

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