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Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.

    Course details

    General: Developing students’ basic skills in all competencies that are delivered through specific contexts ranging from talking about your selves to expressing likes and dislikes.

    Reading: Appreciation of the sound system of the language particularly those peculiar to Arabic, then moving into the basic structure of words and into the basic sentence structure. By the end of the course students will have the ability to read with confidence basic short texts covered in the various contexts of the course.

    Writing: Understand the basic principles and rules governing writing, with ability to shape letters correctly and move gradually into the written word and phrase. Students will be able to produce a short text of 70-80 words.

    Speaking: Will have the ability to produce the special Arabic sounds as well as talking about you, your studies, country, professions, and family

    Listening: Ability to understand simple dialogues around basic contexts, such as travel, studies, personal information, etc
    Course Content:

    • Getting Started: Greetings; letters of the alphabet :  ( ب ت ث ن ي )
    • Introducing yourself: countries and nationalities
    • Putting words together; letters of the alphabet:
    ( ا د ذ ر ز و )
    • The family; letters of the alphabet:  ( ج ح خ ه م )
    • Professions; joining letters; letters of the alphabet:
    ( س ش ص ض )
    • Describing things: letters of the alphabet:( ف ق ك ل )
    • Polite requests; using public transport
    • Where is it? Letters of the alphabet: ( ط ظ ع غ )
    • Asking for and giving directions; describing places
    • Likes and dislikes
    • Counting things: In the market; shopping for food
    • Going Shopping: understanding prices, weights and measurements
    • Colours: shopping for clothes
    • Going out: ordering food and drink
    • Telling the time
    • Days of the week; months of the year
    • Describing your daily routine
    • Comparatives and Superlatives
    • Future plans
    • Short and long vowels: Fathah, Dammah and Kasrah
    • length phenomenon: vowels and consonants
    • Tanween, Shadda and Sukuun
    • Sun and Moon letters
    • Special Arabic Sounds
    • Gender
    • Personal pronouns
    • Attached pronouns
    • Nominal sentences
    • The definite article
    • Nouns and adjectives
    • 'Yes' and 'No' questions and other interrogatives.
    • Prepositions
    • Idafa structure
    • Verb patterns: present tense
    • Verb patterns: past tense
    Listening, speaking, reading and writing.

    Updated on 24 February, 2021

    About Al Manal Training Center

    Al Manal Training Institute is one of the finest training institutes now available in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are presently offering coaching on a range of educational courses! Some of them are: Test Preparations, Healthcare and Medical,, Softskills, Microsoft Courses, Accounting Courses, Language Courses, Management Courses, CAD and Engineering Courses, Designing Courses, etc. We have experts who have tons of expertise in their respective fields and can help you master any course effectively. We also provide individualized training to the students to make them understand each level of training successfully.

    Our training batches have limited number of students too because it assists students to resolve their queries then and there which will help them in quick learning of the course. Our training is very intense and at the same time very friendly. We do offer training in such a way that the students get placed and get their dream IT job! Many students choose us because we are offering quality training at affordable price range compared to our competitors, which
    has played a key role in our success.

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