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  • Duration / Course length: 1 Month Start now
  • Course delivery: This course is delivered in video format

Course details

  • 28 Online Lessons
  • Read and Write Arabic Instantly!
  • Engaging High Quality Lessons
  • Tutor Support
  • CEO Signed Certificate of Completion
  • Clear and concise lessons
  • Learn and implement Arabic Grammar immediately
  • In depth online tutorials
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access
  • International Career Opportunities
  • Overseas Travel Opportunities
  • Essential Guide for Expats in the GCC and North Africa
  • Only Useful & Practical information covered!
  • Instant Implementation!
  • Essential Guide for job seekers looking to enhance their CV
  • Essential for Students who want to learn on the go!
Secret World of Languages’ Arabic Reading and Writing Course takes you from Beginner to an Intermediate Student.

Want to learn how to read & write Arabic?

Then look no further than our Arabic Reading and Writing Course! We will take you from a beginner to an intermediate student! Cut the time wasting and let’s get started!

In 32 lessons you will learn: 

Section 1: Introduction

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to this Course

Section 2: Reading the Arabic Alphabet

  • Lesson 2: Reading the Arabic Alphabet  ا -ذ (reading)
  • Lesson 3: Reading the Arabic Alphabet ر – ظ (reading)
  • Lesson 4: Reading the Arabic Alphabet ع – ل (reading)
  • Lesson 5: Reading the Arabic Alphabet م- ي (reading)

Section 3: Reading the Short Vowels

  • Lesson 6: The Short Vowel Fatha (reading)
  • Lesson 7: The Short Vowel Kasra (reading)
  • Lesson 8: The Short Vowel Damma (reading)
  • Lesson 9: Sukoon (reading)

Section 4: Writing the Arabic Alphabet

  • Lesson 10: Writing the Arabic Alphabet  ا -ذ (writing)
  • Lesson 11: Writing the Arabic Alphabet ر – ظ (writing)
  • Lesson 12: Writing the Arabic Alphabet ع – ل (writing)
  • Lesson 13: Writing the Arabic Alphabet م- ي (writing) 

Section 5: Reading joined up Arabic Letters

  • Lesson 14: The Naughty Letters (reading & writing)
  • Lesson 15: Arabic Letters ا- خ (reading)
  • Lesson 16: Arabic Letters د- ض (reading)
  • Lesson 17: Arabic Letters ط- ك (reading)
  • Lesson 18: Arabic Letters ل- ي (reading)

Section 6: Speaking- General Greetings in the Arab world

  • Lesson 19: Introducing yourself (speaking & listening)
  • Lesson 20: Key Speaking Phrases (speaking & listening)
  • Lesson 21: Arabic Phrases (speaking & listening)

Section 7: Speaking- At the Hotel

  • Lesson 22: Speaking- At the Hotel (speaking & listening)
  • Lesson 23: Hotel Role Play- Booking a Room (speaking & listening)
  • Lesson 24: Hotel Role Play- Complaining About a Room (speaking & listening)

Section 8: Speaking-At the Restaurant

  • Lesson 25: Key Phrases (speaking & listening)
  • Lesson 26: Essential Vocabulary  (speaking & listening)
  • Lesson 27: Restaurant Role Play- Ordering food at the restaurant (speaking & listening)

Section 9: Grammar- The Basics

  • Lesson 28: Introduction to Verb Tenses (grammar, reading & writing)
  • Lesson 29: Personal Pronouns (grammar, reading & writing)

Section 10: Grammar- The Verb Tenses

  • Lesson 30: The Past Tense  (grammar,  reading & writing)
  • Lesson 31: The Present Tense (grammar, reading & writing)
  • Lesson 32: The Future Tense (grammar, reading & writing)

Benefits of attending the course

This course will benefit those students who want to understand Arabic deeply and want to reach an Intermediate Level.

​Even if you know some Arabic this course will ELEVATE your learning to a Higher Level so that you can EXCEL in reading and writing Arabic!

​Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate of completion signed by our company’s CEO.

Who can attend the course?

Anyone who has had no prior knowledge of reading & writing Arabic! This Course will enhance your skills as a language student who wants to excel and impress others by reading and writing Arabic!

Career Path:

The future is bright with Arabic as many employers seek to hire a dynamic individual who possesses the gift of knowing another language. Arabic is one of the most sought out languages out there! It is a must for anyone who wants to stand out from the rest! 

Updated on 23 April, 2020

Eligibility / Requirements

No previous knowledge is required.

About Secret World of Languages

Secret World of Languages offers high quality, online language courses in the world’s most popular languages including Spanish, Arabic and English. Our Company was based on the love of sharing and teaching languages in a fun and interactive way. Life is too short to only speak one language!

We offer practical courses that focus on the relevant information that get you speaking, reading, listening and writing in your chosen language as soon as possible.
Our mission is to prove to you with the right methods we offer within our courses you too can be a multi-lingual, international individual!

Join Secret World of Languages today and get a new lease on life!

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