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you'll learn the basic skills required to install fiber optic cables, connectors, and splices. You'll be able to achieve the three goals of installation: low power loss, low installation cost, and high reliability. In addition, you will develop advanced connector installation skills to achieve consistent low loss, low cost, and high reliability in the field.
Inspecting each connector after installation enables you to learn proper installation methods and to avoid high power loss and high installation costs. Further, you'll learn the impact of your installation method by testing the power loss after each pair of connectors, enabling you to develop consistent procedures for two different connector installation methods.

Through the combination of lectures and hands-on activities, learn to perform all required installation steps-from receiving the products to certifying that the network is properly and reliably installed-including:
  • Installing cables without damage
  • End preparation of both loose and tight tube cables
  • Installing low loss and reliable multimode connectors
  • Inspecting connectors to determine installation quality with microscopes and visual fault locators
  • Installing and OTDR testing low loss fusion and mechanical splices
  • Proper testing with insertion loss test sets and the OTDR
  • Calculation of acceptance values for all tests
  • Certifying and troubleshooting installed links of laser optimized 50µ, ;, and singlemode fibers for maximum reliability
Updated on 05 April, 2018

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