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The Advanced Fire Fighting Training Course is designed for clients who wish to have an Advanced understanding of Fire Fighting. This course learns Fire Fighting and planning through the scenarios can be contextualized to your customers' requirements.
This course is part of the training for deck and engineering officers who wish to qualify for a Certificate of Competency and crew who are designated to control fire fighting operations.
Advanced Fire Fighting Training Course encompasses all skills and knowledge gained in Basic Fire Awareness Course and the Basic Fire Fighter Course, and additionally teaches practical knowledge and the use of hand-operated firefighting equipment.
The course will meet the recommendations of the NFPA standards for training of Fire Fighting to the appointed person.
Content and Materials
  • Student Materials Includes:
  • Essential Skills and Reference Guide
  • Wall Certificate
  • Course Evaluation and Statement of Understanding Form
Hands-on Skill Practice:
Students will practice the essential skills in small groups and will apply these skills in scenario sessions during the course.
Students are assessed throughout the course by instructor observation of the essential skills. There is also a summative assessment of knowledge and skills at the end of this course.
Course Content
  • Introduction 
  • Fire 
  • Chemistry of Fire 
  • Mechanism of Combustion 
  • Flash Point 
  • Oxygen Required for Combustion 
  • Ignition Temperature 
  • Fire Point 
  • Fire Tetrahedron (Fire Triangle) 
  • Classification of Fire 
  • Classification of Fire Fighting Equipment 
  • Fire Hydrant 
  • Fire Hose Reel 
  • Fire Extinguishers 
  • Fire Sprinkler 
  • Fire Suit and equipment 
  • Self Contain Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) 
  • Familiarization of Fire Pump and Operation 
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems: 
  1. Water Extinguishing System 
  2. Foam Extinguishing System 
  3. Co2 Extinguishing System 
  4. Dry Powder Extinguishing System 
  • How to Fight the Fire 
  • Classification of Fire Alarm 
  • Fire Detectors 
  • Fire Alarm Pull/Push Station 
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel 
  • Emergency Action Plans 
  • What is Emergency? 
  • Types of Emergency Cases 
  • Emergency Response plans 
  • Evacuation 
  • Means of Egress 
  • Self-Rescue Techniques 
  • Practical Exercise
Updated on 08 May, 2019

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Safety officer , HSE Training Officer , hse manager

About Safe Zone International

Safe Zone provides total fire protection, fire detection and fire suppression solutions to the most prestigious developments around the world, including residential buildings, commercial complexes, telecommunication centers, industrial installations, oil refineries and petrochemical plants and airport installations.

Whether you need assistance for occupational health and safety & environmental in writing new procedures or need to carry out hazardous area classification, environmental impact assessment or need a risk assessment report for insurance, we can help.

Safe Zone can work with you and your organisation to provide expert health, safety and environmental consultancy solutions.

Consulting with our consultants are chartered practitioners with extensive experience across a range of industry sectors. We work closely with you from the outset by understanding your needs, advising on and developing a proposal which fully meet your requirements.

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