Real Hands-on Grading & Salary Structure Workshop Real Hands-on
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Course Objectives
  • Apply Employee Value Proposition at your company.
  • Learn to calculate how many levels your grading system should have, and how to create the related salary bands.
  • Establish and design a market competitive compensation structure.
  • Understand the compensation system design issues and how to handle it.
  • Analyze and enhance the different ways in which the rewards function supports your recruitment efforts.
  • Design a multi-layered incentive scheme 
  • Know how to get the management buy-in using statistics.
Course Impact:
  • Win the War For Talent
  • Competitive Market Pay
  • Stop the money drain
  • Career Path Progression due to sound grading structure
  • Internal Equity
Who should attend:
  • Compensation Professionals
  • HR Professionals
  • Executive Management
  • Oragnization Development Professionals
Updated on 29 April, 2018

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