Achieving Excellence in General Service Administration Abu Hail Training Institute
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  • Location: Garhoud - Dubai
  • Duration: 5 Days- 25 Hours

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    • Define and understand the role of the general service administration. 
    • Make better general services management decisions  
    • Acquire time management skills required for better office productivity. 
    • List the main causes of stress and the techniques needed to control  
    • Learn communication strategies needed for carrying out responsibilities in an effective manner. 
    • Develop a service attitude and mindset aimed at the internal and external customer 
    • Manage a network of working relations  
    • Communicate effectively  
    • Manage time for yourself and others  
    • Organize office systems 
    • Review their working relationships  
    • Develop an action plan to help your manager 
    • Evaluate your Key Performance Indicators and make them more useful 
    • Use simple frameworks for planning, including allocating and managing priorities, scheduling work, working proactively and reactively and project planning.  
    • Identify and avoid causes for contractual claims. 
    • Recognize the different types of claims and how to prevent and/or deal with each type. 
    • Understand the different approaches to claims handling including alternative dispute resolution. 
    • Practice and discuss, through a project, all aspects of handling and resolving contractual claims. 

    Course Outline

    1. The Role of the General Service Administration

    • The role and duties of general service administration  
    • Setting work objectives 
    • Identifying common issues and challenges  
    • Handling petty cash, estimating costs and monitoring expenditures 
    • Administration development tools 
    • The planning process  
    • Planning work in progress  
    • Analyzing and managing risk  
    • Contingency planning  
    • Developing procedures 
    • Problem solving techniques  
    • Defining Business Processes 
    • Defining Roles and Responsibilities  
    • Work Performance  
    • Sourcing suppliers and negotiation skills for contracts and services 
    • Equipment Effectiveness  
    • Staff Competence  
    • Organization policy and procedures 
    • Organization and contractor's relationship 

    2. Managing Time & Desk Management

    • Managing interruptions and access  
    • Planning and priority setting  
    • Office layout and ergonomics  
    • Managing the paper-load  
    • Getting the best from e-mail and office technology  
    • Report and letter writing  
    • Setting & developing company writing standards  
    • Editing and proof-reading skills  
    • Dimensions of performance  
    • Motivation  
    • Appraisal  
    • Coaching and on-job training skills  
    • Action planning and influencing others 
    • Identifying and Eliminating Time Wasters  
    • Setting Goals and Priorities 
    • Delegation - giving and receiving  
    • Communication and listening skills  
    • Assertiveness, conflict and criticism  
    • People problems and problem people  

    3. Effective Communication Skills

    • Improving communications within an existing team  
    • Oral and listening skills  
    • Reporting to Management  
    • Negotiation skills and techniques  
    • Managing difficult people  
    • Comparison of telephone / face to face / written communications, their effectiveness and suitability for different situations  
    • Improving Credibility and Gaining Recognition  
    • Speaking and Listening  
    • Being Assertive  
    • Selling Your Ideas to the Boss, Colleagues, Subordinates and Clients 
    • Handling requests and conflicting priorities 
    • Briefing skills - giving, receiving and passing on  
    • Delegation - giving and receiving  
    • Assertiveness, conflict and criticism  
    • People problems and problem people  

    3.1. Written Communication Style

    • Layout  
    • Clear Writing  
    • Proof Reading 


    3.2. Using the Telephone Properly

    • Professional Telephone Behavior  
    • Rules for Good Listening  
    • Making Appointments 

    3.3. Controlling Stress

    • Symptoms  
    • Causes  
    • Solutions 

    3.4. Serving the Internal and External Customer

    • Understanding the Needs of Internal and External Customers  
    • Having the Right Attitude  
    • Providing Excellent Service  
    • Handling Complaints 

    4. Organizing Meetings, Setting and Meeting Objectives

    • Planning skills  
    • Project management approaches for support staff  
    • Managing time  
    • Strategies for managing change  
    • Identifying and dealing with Pressure Points  
    • Implementing Action Plans  
    • Preparing the Agenda  
    • Taking Minutes 

    5. Claims

    • Nature of Claims 
    • Types of Claims 
    • Claims Process  

    5.1. Claims Management

    • Collect and review data regularly 
    • Highlight potential issues as they arise 
    • Identifying specific claims 
    • Following the timing within the contract/or be reasonable 
    • Issue with applications for payment 
    • Maintain communication to achieve agreement 

    5.2. The Claims Process

    • The legal principles and practical procedures of payment claims 
    • Key considerations in valuing claims 
    • Claim generation 
    • Charge entry 
    • Payment entry 
    • Payment claims 
    • Delay costs and damages 
    • Procedures for variations 
    • Extensions of time 
    6. Contractors 
    • The key elements of a contract  
    • Oral or written?  
    • Terms of the contract  

    6.1. Contractors' Objectives

    • Profits 
    • Fair and Unfair Practices 
    • Keeping Records 

    6.2. Contracts in Progress

    • Avoiding Problems  
    • Know Your Contract 
    • General and Special Terms 

    6.3. Relationship with contracts

    • External and internal dimensions of a business relationship  
    • Formation of a Contract  
    • The key elements of a contract  
    • Terms of the contract  
    • Inter-business contracting 
    • Developing legal knowledge and skills 
    • Potential Problems with Standard Form Contracts  

    6.4. Payment Issues & Post contract Liability

    • Variation of Contract Terms  
    • Variation of Scope of Work 
    • Management of Variations and retaining control of the contract  
    • Payment and money events  
    • Delay, suspension and extension of time  
    • Finance and Payment in International Trade  
    • Bonds and Guarantees  
    • Defects Liability  
    • Termination of the Contract and Remedies  
    • Mitigation of losses and claims 

    6.5. Issues of validity of a contract

    • Precedence of documents in a contract 
    • Delivery, acceptance and transfer of title and risk  
    • Liability in negligence - relationship with contract conditions  
    • Product liability and defective goods  
    • Overview of requirements of a valid contract  
    • Letters - Intent; Instruction/Award; Comfort; Awareness  
    • Conflict of Laws and Choice of Law and jurisdiction Clauses  

    7. Resolution of Disputes

    • Negotiation, compromise and settlement  
    • Alternative dispute resolution 
    • Litigation  
    • Arbitration  
    • Managing disputes 
    • Developing an exit strategy 
    • Review of programme, and final questions  

    Updated on 15 October, 2016

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