Accounting Keys for Small and Home Business Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy
Price: AED 400
  • Locations: Deira
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Call: +971 4 2753473

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    here's a short list of the people it might benefit.

    Are you ...

    • an entrepreneur?
    • running a small business?
    • running a home business?
    • a professional running your own practice?
    • just starting your own business?
    • thinking of starting your own business?
    • a manager in a company?
    • an office manager with bookkeeping duties?
    • an administrative assistant with bookkeeping duties?
    • a bookkeeper or accounting clerk who has learned on the job and needs to understand the concepts in order to do your job better or be promoted?
    • an investor who would like to understand where the numbers are coming from on the financial statements that you read?
    • Someone who has taken an academic accounting course and still doesn't know a debit from a credit?

    Program Details


    The important topics that will be covered in the accounting course are:

    • Basic accounting concepts, principles and terminology.
    • Debits and credits.
    • Double entry accounting.
    • Types of business entities and enterprises (and their advantages and disadvantages).
    • How to set-up and keep a set of books for a small business.
    • How to journalize business transactions.
    • How to reconcile your bank account.
    • How to adjust the books at the end of the fiscal period.
    • How to post to a general ledger.
    • How to compute payroll.
    • How to depreciate assets.
    • How to create and understand a Balance Sheet.
    • How to create and understand an Income Statement (also called a Profit and Loss Statement or P & L).

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