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  • Duration: 2 Days

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As operators ready themselves to deploy LTE, a good understanding of planning considerations for its successful rollout is essential. This course presents, in a theoretical and practical way, the parameters necessary to plan an LTE network, from a RF coverage point of view.

The course begins with a quick reminder of LTE system architecture and air interface characteristics. It is then followed by a discussion of uplink and downlink link budget The course provides hands-on practice on Link budget calculations and associated formulations to analyze sensitivity impact across variables and to resolve specific case studies.

Expected Accomplishments

  • Explain the LTE Air Interface Structure
  • Explain the principles of OFDM A and SC-FDMA
  • Formulate LTE link budgets for uplink and downlink considering channel bandwidth, TX, RX and transmission parameters
  • Derive SNR requirements for a given cell edge throughput
  • Estimate slow fade margin for a given cell edge probability
  • Describe resource allocation in the uplink and downlink
  • Describe the LTE frame format in the downlink and uplink
  • Perform uplink and downlink coverage and capacity calculations for LTE.
  • Understand traffic modeling for LTE
  • Highlight the main factors that impact cell capacity
  • Evaluate the cell capacity
  • Estimate the number of sites based on coverage and capacity

Course Outline

LTE Air Interface

  • Review the LTE ft EPS system Architecture 
  • LTE frequency bands 
  • OFDM A vs. SC-FDMA 
  • OFDMA parameters 
  • Uplink and downlink frame formats 
  • Resource allocations

LTE Downlink Budget

  • Uplink budget parameters 
  • Thermal noise 
  • SI NR requirements 
  • Cell load
  • Downlink interference margin 
  • Cell edge probability 
  • Slow fade margin estimates

LTE Uplink Budget

  • Uplink budget parameters
  • Path loss as a function of cell edge throughput 
  • SI NR requirements 
  • Uplink interference margin

LTE Coverage Planning 

  • RF propagation models for LTE 
  • Okumura-Hata and Cost-Hata models 
  • Wolfish Ikegami model 
  • Estimating cell range and cell area

LTE Capacity Planning 

  • Subscriber traffic profiles 
  • Traffic modelling 
  • Cell throughput dimensioning 
  • Simulations
  • Factors affecting cell capacity 
  • Estimating site counts based on coverage and capacity

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