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Can follow a conversation between:    friends meeting, strangers introductions, an official and a tourist, strangers asking for directions and time, people showing hospitality, strangers formal introductions, shop assistant and customer. Can understand a monologue about:    country of origin, daily routine, family, food, film and TV preferences and habit. Can follow an interview asking about:    personal details, family ;
Can follow a short text about:    numbers, calendars, daily routine, book characters, family traditions, dogs, accommodation, food, cinema, film and TV Can understand the following genres:    a personal details form, an introductory letter, hotel booking letter 
 Can ask for and give: personal information, the time, information about friends and family, film/TV  habits and preferences, activity/free time preferences  Can enact conversations: formal introductions, greetings and offers, asking and giving directions, people  watching TV, shop assistant and customer.  Can make group decisions about: accomodation  Can have a discussion about: Languages, TV habits 
SPOKEN PRODUCTION  Can talk about: a place you like, daily routine, a person, your town, your accommodation, food 
WRITING  Can write short texts about: routine and favorite days, a person or family, food, a film   Can write in these genres: a personal details form, an email to a hotel, a review 
GRAMMAR  Verb to be –am / are / is Questions with do / does  Indefinite articles a / anObject pronouns  Possessive adjectives There is / There are   Prepositions from / in / near Countable and Uncountable  Wh –questions Quantifiers a lot of / much / many / some  Present simple Was / Were born Frequency ( every / day / week / month )  Present simple and Present continuous Adverbs of frequency ( always / sometimes ) 

Rooms in house      Furniture in the house     City life       People and jobs      Irregular verbs      Weekend activities      Sports and leisure      Verbs and nouns that go together Food  In a restaurant Colours Clothes Describing a person Transport and travel 
  Updated on 17 July, 2019

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Infonet Institute, a leading Educational and Training Organization in Dubai, UAE is a Management & Soft Skills Training Centre Established in the Year 1999. The Institute Has a thrust on Professional Short Term Management Courses aimed at working Professionals. The Company also has a significant business in the Institutional segment where it offers learning solutions to corporate and individuals. The Institute has consistently redrawn educational paradigms, introducing new facets to educational courseware, delivery and certifications.

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