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Organisations spend a significant proportion of their operating costs on pay, incentives and benefits. However, many of them do not have a reward strategy in place potentially wasting much of this important investment. Through several case studies, you will explore the different processes needed to develop a robust reward ;
This course will provide participants with practical tools and techniques in developing grading, compensation, benefit structures and variable pay schemes.

Course Objectives
Assess key business, organisational and HR issues that have to be taken into account when developing a reward strategy
  • Have a clear idea of the psychology as well as economics of reward
  • Understand the impact of the options for various reward programmes
  • Identify different job evaluation methodologies and decide when to apply them
  • Design a salary structure and related policies

Course Outline
Managing compensation and components of compensation system
  • Compensation objectives
  • Job analysis
  • Job description
  • Job evaluation (Job ranks and organizational matrix)
  • Determine grades for each job family and assign grade to each level
  • Pay structure to determine monetary range of position at a particular level
  • Salary surveys and review market price of benchmark jobs within the industry
  • Policies and regulations
Different types of compensation
  • Base pay
  • Commission
  • Overtime pay
  • Bonus, profit sharing
  • Allowances as a part of total pay (Travel, Meal and Housing Allowance)
  • Health benefits, insurance, vacation, leaves and retirement
Monitor the program
  • Monitor feedback from managers
  • Make changes where necessary
Compensation surveys
  • Purpose of surveys
  • Analysing survey reports

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Eminent Institute brings individual real learning for real results. Their experiential learning methodology is designed is bring the students a dynamic learning experience

All  courses provided by Eminent Educational Institute are designed and delivered by practicing professionals who bring a high degree of practical relevance to the course.

Enriched with real life case studies all the course content is regularly updated with latest developments, changes in laws, and notifications.

In today’s ever evolving and competitive environment the institute strives to empower students with knowledge that takes them beyond best practice to becoming a value added contributor to developing innovative new practices.

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