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تفاصيل الدورة

  1. What is accounting-definition?
  2. Accounting Concepts & Principles
  3. Chart of accounts
  4. Types of Accounting
  5. Journal Entries (Simple & Compound)
  6. Ledger & Duties of Accountant
  7. Posting and Balancing
  8. Debit & Credit Notes
  9. Payable and Receivable report
  10. Trial Balance Preparation
  11. Preparation of Trading Account
  12. Explanation of Direct expenses
  13. Preparing Profit and loss account
  14. Balance Sheet Preparation
  15. Adjustments
  16. Depreciation and fixed Assets
  17. Prepaid Rent and Outstanding
  18. Prepaid salary and Outstanding
  19. Sundry Creditor and Sundry Debtors
  20. Purchase and Sales
  21. Purchase Returns and sales Returns
  22. Cash Sales Cash Purchase
  23. Credit Purchase and Cash Purchase
  24. Creating bank accounts
  25. Petty cash accounts
  26. Income and Expenses Accounts
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  • Understand Basic English
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • No prior experience required to take this course.

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Finance Officer , Accountant , Finance Specialist

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Everything around the world is rapidly changing. Be it technology, work environment, economic conditions, geographies, even thought processes. New paradigms are defined every day, keeping up is not only difficult but sometime impossible. The challenge is always to anticipate the trends and prepare oneself for what lies ahead of the curve.

So how does one stay ahead of the proverbial curve? The simple answer is - By redefining the skills to meet the needs of emerging career landscape.

At REI they not only focus on enhancing your current career options but also prepare them to stay ahead of the curve with their cross functional training programs. The institute offers training programs that covers the entire spectrum, from School & College students to CXO Level Positions.

Team REI consists of industry professionals with a collective experience of more than 70 years of local and international experience. The core team consists of domain experts in Management, Finance, Learning & Development, Information Technology and Sales & Marketing.

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