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تدريب إفتراضي أونلاين. المحاضرات قد تكون فردية أو ضمن مجموعة.

تفاصيل الدورة

Target Audience
This Arabic course is designed for non-native students who are eager to learn Arabic outside of a traditional classroom, restricted location, and pre-set schedule.

The narration in our Arabic lessons is mostly in Arabic because of our strong belief that any foreign language must be taught in that particular language.As for the terminology used, we adopted both English and Arabic Terms used in the Arab world and in the West. We did not limit our Arabic lessons to what is considered as the STANDARD practice in the field.
Our goal here is very simple: to present serious instruction for serious students.


  • Choose your own time for studying, evenings, weekend etc. 
  • Repeat lessons, and go back to previous ones whenever needed. 
  • Vocabulary with each session. 
  • Exercises, practices and reviews with each session. 
  • Cost affective. 

The Arabic course adopts a multi-level methodology that integrates the skills of reading,
writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary and conversation. These skills are reinforced at all
levels and Arabic is the only teaching language used in class, except when it is necessary
to facilitate the explanation of a grammar rule or lexical phrase to a beginner.

Through field study trips and exercises, students enrich their experience and their
ability to function in real life language situations, assimilate everyday life issues and
immerse in the host culture. Field study assignments are done both individually and
in groups. Examples may include:

  • Souks: to rehearse bargaining
  • Cafés and restaurants: to rehearse how to order a drink or food
  • Museums and monuments: to learn about historical sites and handicrafts
  • Bus stations, railway station, beach, stadiums etc to learn about means of transport and places of leisure
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Zabeel Institute of Management & Technology, established in 1988, is a leading Educational and Professional Training Centre for executives working in Dubai. It is accredited by the Ministry of Education, UAE & Academic College of London, UK. Also it is the authorized training centre of Project Management Institute, USA; IATA Montreal, Canada etc. They also offer training programs to professionals from various fields like Administration, Engineering, Construction, Projects, Accounts & Finance, Management, Languages etc.

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