About Genome Technology Consultants

Genome is a 5 year progressive organization, dedicated to providing Technical enablement; Training & Sales Consulting services & bespoke IT Solutions in the Middle East and Africa. We are dedicated to providing bespoke IT Solutions, Technical enablement, Training and Sales Consultation run by the most experienced team of experts in the industry. Genome is a leading IT partner for Cisco, HP, Aruba, Dell, Huawei, Kaspersky, Imagicle, and EMC.
In partnership with MHI Global we bring in the synergy in our approach and thoughts. Genome also believes that “Everything starts with the customer’. This means that in order for our strategies to be successful they have to be based on the customer’s perspective and no exceptions.
Genome understands the need for skill development as a key factor for driving strategic growth. We provide a complete range of trainings & consultation services to empower companies & use these training programs to streamline their strategic business goals alongside skill development. Our core competency is in Sales Consulting & Technology Trainings. We aim to provide a unique value addition by supporting the ongoing need for high quality IT training solutions & maximizing employee’s potential by refining & acquiring new skills.
From Research, Assessment, Planning, Procurement, Delivery, Installation, we provide a comprehensive set of IT services & products backed by seasoned IT professionals.
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