About Dow Training Centre FZ-LLC

Over a decade of experience in the field of digital communication, Dow Group has registered its first training centre in UAE - Dubai Knowledge Village in 2012.

Certified instructors and tutors gather to transfer acquired knowledge to your employees; they provide participants with practical skills and information on new technologies through continuous workshops, seminars, long-term courses, and group exercises.

Dow Training Centre is considered as the backbone of innovation. It grants you training sessions for your staff members, technical & project managers, as well as designers either at the training facility or at your organization. You can develop their capabilities and test how far they can take your business. 

The idea of founding a recognized training centre aroused from our customer’s demand and our motivation to transfer our acquired knowledge to them.

Moreover, Dow Training Centre plans your training schemes; it helps you develop new principals and implement different strategies regarding HR matters and online communications. It provides long-term support to digital agencies organizing their process automation for MIS (Management Information System) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Nevertheless, from core selling techniques to developing key accounts and strategic business management, our effective courses teach you the proper way to make benefit out of your practical skills. Or you can just sign in to support your experience with recognized business management qualifications honouring your knowledge and enhancing your career prospects. 

At the meantime, Dow Training Centre is proficiently into practice offshore. Our team of professional instructors, senior designers, and developers are available 7 days per week to guide you online via various means of online communication applications. Besides, you can meet us instantly anytime you need professional assistance wherever you are. 


Dow Training Centre dedicated to support the professional growth of individuals and the performance of organizations through state of the art centre programs. 


Dow Training centre seeks global recognition as world-class provider of customized solutions for improved industry-wide performance, vocational self-sufficiency, and upgraded career opportunities. 

Core Values

  • Determination,  we cultivate life-long determination
  • Diligence, we are persistent to enhance your knowledge and develop your skills and abilities to perform.
  • Organization, we monitor your learning sessions, seminars, and workshops to maintain quality of training.
  • Originality,  we grant you originality in training methods, acquired knowledge, and developed skills. 
  • Willfulness, we teach you the will to succeed and accomplish high levels of success.
  • Worthiness, we teach you how to value your professional presence in the work place; we nourish your self-sufficiency
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