Known as the Language of 'lurve', Italian is spoken by 70 million people, mainly in Italy but also in France (especially Corsica), Vatican City, San Morino, Switzerland, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Monaco and Malta. Possibly more suprirsingly it is also fairly widely spoken in Argentina, Brazil, USA, Australia and parts of Africa.

Italian is lovely to listen to and fairly easy to learn as it is spoken exactly as it is written. If you already speak English you will find many comanalities between English words and their Italian equivalent.

Whilst Italian is not in the top 10 or even top 15 of most spoken Languages, it does have quite a wide geographic reach and also has much in common with many of the other major languages in Europe, making it an great language to develop skills in. However, the greatest delight in learning the italian language will be in appreciating its everday transition into other languages and common world phrases...especially in food, music and art.

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