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Understandably one of the most important things in a person's life, education is one of the more crucial things to have. With over 40 courses available in Dubai related to teaching and education, the skills and qualifications you gain will help you understand the different behaviours and aspects that make an educator a successful one. Knowing how to teach someone in a manner than not only enables them to understand but also to maintain the taught knowledge, is one of the many things educators have to be able to do.

Should you already have the necessary qualifications to teach, check our education and training jobs in Dubai.

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Popular Questions

I would like to become a qualified Trainer in Sales and Marketing skills to enable me to conduct in house training in Sales and Marketing. Please advise what certified courses are available.
(Question asked by Aruna Zias on June 14, 2016)

Good Morning Aruna, I would like to recommend you the Training Certificate which is accredited from Informa with partnership with ATD ( Association of Talent & Development). Start with this training which is focused on developing in your training skills and then you can start moving forward to another another marketing and sales certificates. Hope that you this might helped you and if you need any further information please dont hestitate to contact me directly. Best Regards, Rabah Khalil Key Account Manager Informa Middle East

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I am a teacher interested in being a student counselor. Which courses do you recommend me to take?
(Question asked by Rupali on June 02, 2016)

Any course in Customer Relations would a be good choice.

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I am an English teacher in a school in Dubai and i am interested in doing a TESOL course.Is this course suitable for me to enhance my career and to apply for better positions?
(Question asked by Nida on June 11, 2016)

hello,  TESOL certification will definitely be a mark on your professional file, but you are also advised to proceed for IELTS.

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I have done Masters in Fine Arts form Pakistan. What courses do I need to do to become international teacher?
(Question asked by Syeda on June 15, 2016)

Hi Syeda!

You may join our TESOL course.

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