Civil Engineering Courses in Dubai

As one of the oldest and most practiced disciplines of the science,  Civil Engineering deals with construction and maintenance of roads, canals, bridges and buildings, thus occupying a very important place on our daily lives.

Dubai is an attractive city for Civil Engineers. It contains some of the most outrageous infrastructures around the globe. Proof of the fact is the construction of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the World with 830 meters. An example of the most advanced structural engineering.

According to, a civil engineer in Dubai earns an average salary of about AED100,000. Take the chance to check all our Civil Engineering Jobs in Dubai

Currently, there are 2 Civil Engineering courses available in Dubai from where you can enhance and learn a new set of practices for your activity.

If you wish to take a broader course, covering a wider range of subjects for engineering, please check all our Engineering Courses in Dubai.

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