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  • Year of establishment: 2009
  • No. of full-time trainers: 1
  • Registered authority: Fujairah Freezon Authority, Fujairah, UAE
  • Registered association memberships: ASCE (USA)
  • Training format provided: On-site/In-house/Company-specific
    Executive education

Can travel to 7 locations

Saudi Arabia Oman Pakistan Egypt Kuwait Bahrain United Arab Emirates

Why choose ATA Management Consultancy and Training FZE

A Professional Management & Training Institute, specializing in improving the Process & Operation of management Industry.  Founded in 2009, and has an unwavering commitment to client focus, integrity, and social responsibility. From this foundation, it will strive in becoming a respected sought-after client advocate, training professionals in creating and implementing solutions for a variety of complex jobs.

Once we are sure that we know what kind of people and skills the organization needs we can look at how this translates into specific behaviors. Into what it is that we need the people to actually do on a daily basis. That’s the core of good training – developing the right behaviors.

But people development is developing the best;
•  Knowledge – knowing more than enough intellectually
•  Skills – being able to do the right things
•  Attitudes – having the right approach and style and feeling for our particular business.

After all it is this unique combination of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes that defines a company to the market.

The courses are designed for Professionals and Project Management Teams who desire to enhance and update their knowledge and want to apply for PMP/PMI certification.
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