Mohammed Osman

Mohammed Osman is a senior software engineer who started coding at the age of thirteen. Mohammed worked in a variety of industries including telecommunication, accounting, banking, health, and assurance. He is currently working in a leading auditing firm as a cloud and AI architect.  Mohammed’s core skillset is a .NET ecosystem with a strong focus on C#, Azure, and AI.

Mohammed also enjoys the soft-side of software engineering and leads scrum teams. Mohammed runs a blog ( with the message "Making your code smart and your career smarter," where he shares tips and techniques to improve your code and valuable career pieces of advice. Mohammed is also a Pluralsight author who taught thousands of students with some courses lying in the top 3% in Pluralsight. Moreover, Mohammed is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) who is allowed by Microsoft to teach the official exam curriculum using official Microsoft material.

Qualifications / Expertise

  • C#
  • .NET
  • Machine Learning

Achievements and Key Training Delivered

Three training courses at Pluralsight

My courses