About Arakn Administrative Training Center

Arkan Administrative Training Center is a specialized institute that works for the development of human abilities in order to achieve efficiency and productivity, believing that training is not an unplanned job or an unnecessary task that we can be exercised or not. AATC aims to provide new knowledge, add versified acquaintances, give distinctive skills and abilities, build positive attitudes, refine ideas and develop vocational behaviors and methods. At AATC, trainees are enrolled in targeted programs aimed at providing them with new skills or refining and developing their current skills, taking into consideration that the administrative training has a reciprocal relationship in terms of the impact between the individuals and their job role they practice in the organization in which they work in, and taking into account also the previous experiences of the trainees such as the training they have received while practicing their job roles, whether by their direct personal involvement or by the experience they gained from career environment.

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