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Everything we do, we believe in thinking differently and inspiring others to reach their goals. We do this by designing world class innovative programs and workshops.BGI Training and Consultancy is a Limited Liability Company at 251 Harvard St, Brookline, Massachusetts 02446. It is established to provide high quality training and consultancy services to individuals and organizations of all sizes within the private and public sectors

The confluence of rapid technical change, globalization and economic liberalization in recent years has prompted organizations to prioritize skills development as a key strategy for competitiveness and growth. Investing in skills is far less costly, in the long run, than paying the price of  poorer performance that results in lower productivity and profit.  

We take pride in education. Therefore, we strive to provide creative  solutions to alienate any educational difficulties; by offering world-class programs and educational services that engages the unique concerns of today’s innovators and tomorrow’s leaders.

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